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There any many questions we are asked frequently regarding different aspects of our services and moving in general. As such, please see below!

  • How much do we charge?
    We get asked this question a lot, sometimes with little information provided regarding what there to be moved. Because we tailor our services to meet our customers needs, we would always like to come and view the property/items that we will be moving. Your price will be determined by how many vehicles and movers are needed. Other factors such as, furniture dissasembly and reassembly etc.
  • What happens if I book you and the moving date then changes?
    We simply work around you, as we know moving dates can be subject to change at last minute. We don't charge desposits and don't charge for cancellations. We will endevour to facilitate your needs.
  • What happens if we have to wait for keys and don't get them through until late in the day?
    Of course, ideally you would get the keys before of shortly after we are loaded, however this is not something we can truly rely on. So, we simply wait until the keys are avaliable and then get you unloaded as quick as we can. We don't charge if the keys come through late, you have us until the job is done.
  • Do your prices change depending on time of year/avaliability?
    Our prices are governed by what is needed to carry our the work involved. We do not charge more when we are busy and many big companies do.
  • Will you take our beds apart and put them back together?
    We full furniture assembly as part of our quote. So yes, you will have beds to sleep on!
  • Do you cover floors & carpets?
    We protect your hard floors with cardboard and your carpets with blankets to ensure we don't carry mud through the house or cause any damage.
  • Do I need to pack my chest of drawers?
    Chest of drawers can be left fully loaded with clothes. As long as there are no breakables inside, we can move them as they are.
  • Do I need to pack my hanging clothes?
    No, you don't need to. We bring tall standing garment carriers with us so you clothes can be moved whilst remaning hung up. Saves on packing, and ironing!
  • Is our price, likely to change? "
    Absolutley not. Unless you go out and buy lots more funiture before the move, our price will remain the same!
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